Friday, July 15, 2005

The PUSH For Communism

“Walking is work,” exclaimed the guest speaker.

“So, your saying that bums, who have no job, are working just as much as people with jobs?” retort the amazed Medved.

“Of course!”

“Now, do you believe that the typical homeless bum on the street has just as much a right to housing as the average working citizen (with a real job)?”

“Of course,” replied the local Atlanta leader of the Rainbow Coalition PUSH. “Homeless people have the universal right to housing and the government should supply this right.”

Amazing. This is a public endorsement of Communism by a leader of the Rainbow Coalition. The above is a summary of the conversation I heard on the Medved Show (6-27-05, 1650, Afternoon). Michael did an excellent job exposing the true roots of the brouhaha in Atlanta. The Rainbow Coalition leader out of Atlanta said the new city law outlawing panhandling in certain areas (the ‘tourist triangle’) could lead to bum-bombing runs and other terrorist actions! He claimed that all the walking they do is “work” and that they have the right to housing just as much as the average (real) worker in America!

I don’t know what is worse: the recent Supreme Court Socialist ruling or the fact that such organizations have influence in America. Are Americans that naïve about Socialism and Communism? Surely not. I mean given private property taxation, redistribution of wealth through taxation, public schools (and mill levy taxes), political correctness and the like we obviously have no idea what Socialism is. We play games with it: it is similar to staring at a hungry crocodile and cooing, “come here you cute little lizard.” Surely we are not that stupid?

Are we…?


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