Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Nominee

John Roberts. Savior? Saint? Sinner?

In the weeks to come, we shall see what his real views are. So far, as reported on local news, he co-authored a 1990 document denouncing Roe v. Wade. But a few years ago, during his hearing for the DC position, he stated that Roe v. Wade is a settled issue in this land.

What exactly does that mean? Was he quoted in context?

Prayerfully, he will be a godly judge--or at least someone with enough common grace to act more like a traditional constitutionalist rather than a middle-of-the-road "quiet man".

And if he turns out not to be "up to snuff", then, Lord willing, Christians will put their money where there mouth is. I have heard on Hewitt's program a number of Christians and other express that if Bush does not pull through with the nominee issue, then they will revolt.

They mean it!
Remember what they did to Dole?.....

And the Pope is Protestant.


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