Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Stop Pick'n On Me!

Someone in the previous post just ridiculed my engineering background. As a proud graduate of Colorado University, this swipe at the grammatical and linguistic level of engineers is an affront to all said hard working professionals. It expresses a narrow-mindedness that borders on fanaticism. It expresses a prejudice rooted in a Western-dominated Capitalistic worldview that suppresses all that it cannot understand.

On the other hand, it sure was funny!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Three Strikes & You're Out

Recently, I was reminded by Sean Hanitty that 7 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices were picked by Republicans.

Think of the implications of that statistic!

There are many possibilities for this poor record: "stealth" nominees (the views are concealed); misrepresentation; even changed of views by the Justices themselves.

However, to cut the fat and move straight to the quick: where these past nominees ever asked by those who nominated them the crucial questions? It is possible that all those Justices (such as O'Conner) who were chosen by the Republicans lied, but more than likely those who chose them were of a similar mind.

In other words, those Republicans (and those who supported the decisions) are not as conservative as many Christians would like to believe. Their nominees reflect what, at the least, they would accept as politically viable.

With such a track record in business, the leadership would be fired; with such a track record in sports, the managment would be retired.

Trick me once, shame on you; trick me twice, shame on me; trick me thrice...well, three strikes and you're out!


Friday, July 22, 2005

A Short Review 4 : Dispensationalism: Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow

Dispensationalism: Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow, Crenshaw and Gunn

This helpful book is a must for those interested in understanding or evaluating Dispensationalism. The authors were raised within this system and trained at its leading seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary. Not only is it a straightforward and accurate presentation and critique of this approach to the Bible, it accomplishes these goals without being arrogant and boastful. As the preface contends, it is not the purpose of the book to attack or ridicule Dispensationalism, “I ask my dispensational brethren to receive this books in love, for it was prompted in a desire to be true to God’s Word…” (iii).

This book is divided into two sections, each written by one of the authors. Part one focuses on the principles of interpretation that arise from the Bible and that differ from the “literal” hermeneutic of Dispensationalism. It also highlights the theological and practical tendencies of this system. Part two is an in-depth critique of the major components, interacting with actual references of leading proponents of this approach. Covering many issues, including the relationship of Israel and the Church as well as Christian Zionism, this part of the book is saturated with a multitude of verses, some of which I did not know existed! There are also three useful appendices.

Crenshaw and Gunn’s book is important, not simply for its incisive analysis but because it is an accessible read for laymen and ministers alike. It is not technical, yet its insight into the weakness of this uniquely American system is profound. For those on the edge of leaving Dispensationalism it will benefit greatly.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Nominee

John Roberts. Savior? Saint? Sinner?

In the weeks to come, we shall see what his real views are. So far, as reported on local news, he co-authored a 1990 document denouncing Roe v. Wade. But a few years ago, during his hearing for the DC position, he stated that Roe v. Wade is a settled issue in this land.

What exactly does that mean? Was he quoted in context?

Prayerfully, he will be a godly judge--or at least someone with enough common grace to act more like a traditional constitutionalist rather than a middle-of-the-road "quiet man".

And if he turns out not to be "up to snuff", then, Lord willing, Christians will put their money where there mouth is. I have heard on Hewitt's program a number of Christians and other express that if Bush does not pull through with the nominee issue, then they will revolt.

They mean it!
Remember what they did to Dole?.....

And the Pope is Protestant.


Friday, July 15, 2005

The PUSH For Communism

“Walking is work,” exclaimed the guest speaker.

“So, your saying that bums, who have no job, are working just as much as people with jobs?” retort the amazed Medved.

“Of course!”

“Now, do you believe that the typical homeless bum on the street has just as much a right to housing as the average working citizen (with a real job)?”

“Of course,” replied the local Atlanta leader of the Rainbow Coalition PUSH. “Homeless people have the universal right to housing and the government should supply this right.”

Amazing. This is a public endorsement of Communism by a leader of the Rainbow Coalition. The above is a summary of the conversation I heard on the Medved Show (6-27-05, 1650, Afternoon). Michael did an excellent job exposing the true roots of the brouhaha in Atlanta. The Rainbow Coalition leader out of Atlanta said the new city law outlawing panhandling in certain areas (the ‘tourist triangle’) could lead to bum-bombing runs and other terrorist actions! He claimed that all the walking they do is “work” and that they have the right to housing just as much as the average (real) worker in America!

I don’t know what is worse: the recent Supreme Court Socialist ruling or the fact that such organizations have influence in America. Are Americans that na├»ve about Socialism and Communism? Surely not. I mean given private property taxation, redistribution of wealth through taxation, public schools (and mill levy taxes), political correctness and the like we obviously have no idea what Socialism is. We play games with it: it is similar to staring at a hungry crocodile and cooing, “come here you cute little lizard.” Surely we are not that stupid?

Are we…?


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hell Hound

Devil Dog. A mutated, malformed, monstrosity of a mutt. A baleful, chthonic, gruesome freak straight from the Grand Guignol itself.

A nightmarish, grisly animal shooting its foul imagery straight into my terrified senses, while assualting the unarmed mind with ferocious malignancy:

Is this real?!?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Thank You Lord for America

In spite of the faults, foibles and sins besetting America, I am truly thankful for my covenant-keeping God for this nation.
Here, I can obtain material wealth unheard of in vast portions of the world: indoor-plumbing, housing, cars, phones and computers are only the tip of the iceburg.
Here, I can obtain political wealth beyond the wildest imaginations of many: voting rights at national, state, county and local levels; freedom of assembly; freedom of petition; freedom to bear arms.
Here, I have obtained spritual wealth that can turn this world upside-down: the vast spiritual treasures of the past are at our fingertips if we would but use them. Our heritage is Christian, especially Reformed, and we are living on that borrowed capital.

All of this is from the Lord, for every good gift is from above.

Thank you Lord for America.


Monday, July 04, 2005

Fourth of July, Apple Pie...and God's Law?

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled twice against the display of the Ten Commandments and once in its ‘favor’. What is more amazing than the labyrinth of a thought-process of this Court’s present decisions is the howling-for-blood uproar of the various self-appointed guardians of American Conservative Christendom, the Fourth of July and apple pie.

Now, this sounds harsh and judgmental. But I believe I can justify this strong language through demonstrable evidence.

It is clear over the years through the plethora of statistics and polls that a large percentage of Americans claim to be Christian (anywhere from 60-80%). It is also clear that many of these self-proclaimed Christians are red-blooded Americans who vigorously celebrate the Fourth of July, eat apple pie and enjoy “America’s favorite pastime”.

Juxtapose this data with the facts of American ignorance and immorality and one can readily attest to the truth of the old axiom: actions speak louder than words. Over a number of years, Michael Horton’s White Horse Inn would randomly sample the knowledge of various book-buyers, sellers and enthusiasts at local Christian book-seller conferences. The results are dismal: the majority could not name the Ten Commandments. Other statistics point to the same truth.

Should I spell out the irony? The vast majority of Christians—yes, even Evangelical Christians—do not know the Ten Commandments. And more importantly, ignore portions of it as well!

Yet, they are outraged that the Nine Commandments cannot be displayed in our courts (the Sabbath, obviously, is an old Jewish law that is passed away…).

They are livid that the Eight Commandments cannot be upheld in school classrooms (obviously, the Second Commandment does not refer to images of Christ but only crass pagan wooden idols that no one in America follows…).

Eventually, the rest of America will see the hollowness of this Evangelical ire.

But it is more than that—how could vast portions of Americans delude themselves into thinking that they are even Christians when Christ is no longer God, the Bible works with evolution and politics is only practical and not principled?

Americans—even Evangelicals—are proud of being American (as indeed I am), yet too many are boorish ingrates who violate the smallest law (witness the massive aerial displays in my own fireworks-are-illegal neighborhood) and justify it with a slurred drawl: “well *hiccup* everyone else is do’n it!”!?

Indeed, everyone else is “Christian”, so why not him?

Why should we defend that which we are not willing to defend with our own life of Spirit-wrought obedience?

Ignorance is bliss and the Ten Commandments are as American as the Fourth of July and apple pie.

Praise the Lord and pass me the cherry bomb.