Sunday, June 05, 2005

hot & heavy

Actually, it has not been that hot. But the humidity has been heavy.
That's right: I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And compared to Denver, it's humid.
But, I can live with that. I'm here for the OPC General Assembly as a commissioner.
Administrative issue come before the body, motions are moved, debates ensue and votes are casted. Disciplinary appeals may also come before us.
All of this is for the work of the Church. Heavy work.
And work that may get heated at times as well (for are we not human and frail?).

As it stands, my room-mate (John the Doctor) and I just found an open computer room after wandering around outside in the cool night (I use that in a relative sense). I'm writing this piece to talk to the world, to complain about humidity and to thank the Lord that this Church takes her work seriously--whether the topics or the environment are hot and heavy.


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