Monday, June 27, 2005

Email-List Withdrawals

Random, sporadic conversations are only the beginning. Eventually after particularly funny jokes, I simply smile or even shape my mouth into an 'o'. Sometimes, I suddenly stop intense discussions and withdrawal to another group of conversationalists. At other times, someone turns to me and asks me a direct question...and I never answer.

I believe these are the classical symptoms of Email-List Withdrawals. That pscyhological condition wherein one carries over the habits of email conversations into everyday life. It even extends into imitating emoticons. It was bound to happen.

At one time I was on four email-lists simultaneously as well as various and sundry personal email conversations. Over time, I dropped these lists. I had to. The blithe emails were becoming repetitive and boring. Engaging in inane and unconducive dialogue (or were they monologues?) was consuming too much time and creating too much frustration. After dropping all the lists and maintaining a short repertoire of private emails, I felt I had the issue under control.

But I like to talk. I like to meet new Christians and engage in real dialogue. (plus, I'm a geek, so I have to do something high-tech all the time). So, I discovered my mind began to imitate email conversations. It was not pretty. It's not a good way to maintain relationships.

I had to do something. The Blog was the answer. Writing this blog is the answer. Hearing from you is the other answer (but I don't remember the question...)

Hopefully, this blog will alleviate some of these symptoms. You know all that random--hey, did you hear the one about the pope and the three presidents, well....



H. C. said...

It's really a bad thing when you get to the point you say "LOL" instead of "that's funny" ... or when you meet people in "Real Life" and find yourself referring to them by their Instant Message/IRC handle.

blog on...starting with finishing that joke

polymathis said...

The resemblance is uncanny...

Well, if I remember correctly, here the rest of the joke:

OK, let's see if I remember it:
The pope and two presidents (the Bushes (senior and junior)) were on the same fishing trip. The pope circled to the back of the boat and saw the two the two presidents leaning over the back of the boat. The pope also saw Bill Clinton flailing in the water tied to a rope behind the boat! Astonished, the pope yelled out for help, "you two pull that man out!" So, they grabbed the line and pulled Clinton in. The pope turned to the two presidents and blessed them for saving Clinton.
"Who was that man in the funny hat," asked Bush junior.
"That was the pope, son"
"What did he just do?"
"He blessed us; that's how they do things in Italy, son"
"Well, they might know how to bless in Italy, but they don't know how to fish for sharks!"

H. C. said...