Friday, May 20, 2005

Subtle Socialism

A few days ago, the Today Show presented the coveted "Profile in Courage Award"--combing the country for those rare souls that will stand upon conviction with a fortitude that would shame the Congress. These men and women, endowed with strength of character and singular drive, hailed as paladins of American ideals and guardians of the precious institutions undergirding our nation.

And both of them were socialist.

The first gentlemen displayed great boldness and tenacity in trimming the budget at the local state school. Rescuing one of the cheif planks of Karl Marx himself, this lion-heart rescued schools within his purvue from certain financial ruin.

The second person, a veritable Joan of Arc, was the coveted Mayor of Atlanta. Her great deed involved raising city taxes by 50% to eradicate the financial buggabear, unbalanced budgets. She courageously protected the important city services (all of them) by reducing the workers by 12%.

These are tomorrow's heroes today.

Velcome to Amerika.

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