Tuesday, May 03, 2005

24 is da' bomb!

24--no, this is not a blog about the infamous Genesis debate (goto the OPC report on that!).
This blog is a little about my favorite t.v. series: 24

I stopped watching television in '82. My father threw out our small, white European-made t.v. that fateful day after unsuccessfully trying to break our visual addiction (both my sister and I would stare at the boobtube instead of cleaning the house).

20 years later we have a t.v. (that is another story--all I can say is we got it for free; and I'm all about free). I regulated its watching to a small set of evening shows. It is mainly used for movies (1$ at Redbox-McDonalds [I said I was cheap!]).

The point is that even without a t.v. I knew most the shows were junk. In the military the dayrooms had televisions which I would watch periodically (usually I would play Nintendo)--usually for the movies. Some shows were boring. Others had language. Still others had sexual innuendoes.

All three of these categories have increased ten-fold since then.

But not with 24! This show has it all: action, suspense, plot and *gasp* even character development (no, really!!).

It is intelligently written and directed. It keeps my attention. It is riveting.

Of the cable shows that I know about from others, 24 ranks above them hands-down. There are two reasons: it has no sexual innuendoes and it has a plot.

Many of the famous cable shows (and, of course, t.v. shows) are dependent on cursing or sex. This show is dependent on plot (mostly action) and subplots. Continuing, cross-seasonal subplots. Some characters even die. It is so packed with plot-twists, mystery and characters, it's like watching a movie! I've already forgotten much of the details from the last three seasons.

As I get older, I grow more intolerant of filthy shows and movies. Comedies have too much sex, movies have too much cursing and life is too short. I stick with action flicks and an occasional "slow" movie. But as for t.v. shows--24 is it!!

I told my wife that when I'm 50 she can buy me the complete set.

And I'm sure when I'm 50 the entire industry will be the Hollyweird Filth Show. So, I'm stocking up on good shows right now.


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