Thursday, March 27, 2008

Willing to Write...After Three Years

March 10, 2005 was the first time I ever posted on a blog.
It was the birth of Aspiring PolyMathis.

Now, after three years have I accomplished my goal?

"I hope to bring a plethora of articles on various topics to the forefront..."

That is for you to decide. As of the last installment of Mel's Misplaced Passion I have 250 posts. That averages out to 6.9 postings a month--almost two a week. I'd call that a plethora (but compared to the likes of, say, White Noise, it is a mere pittance) .

Various topics from the current issues in Christianity, cultural news and even local evangelism, to the Iraqi constitution and the science of global warming have been covered--hopefully with tact and wit. More importantly, I hope, these were written with a Christ-perspective (even about action figures!).

Thank you Lord for keeping me on the straight and narrow.

Here's for another three years of glorifying God and enjoying Him for ever.

Soli Deo Gloria (SDG)


"your lovely wife" said...
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Anonymous said...

Blogging huh. Maybe I could waste a bit of my time doing that? Hmmm. Maybe later.

Anonymous said...

Mr PolyMathis--Doesn't "predestination" that reformed people like you and John Calvin teach go against the freedom that our USA founding fathers included in the Declaration and the Constitution?

Roots said...

To anonymous comment. No, it does not, they are compatible but bear in mind the U.S. Constitution, albeit we respect it and uphold it, notwithstanding the Supreme Court who seek to destroy it, is not a Christian document per se. For detail see Dennis Wood's book "Discipling The Nations - The Government Upon His Shoulder, 1996. Legacy Communications, Frankling, TN."

Anonymous said...
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james3v1 said...

Shawn said to post this:

A short history of legalized abortion in the United States.