Thursday, March 31, 2005

Stub'd Ub Nose

Yup, I godt a stub'd up nose, sinus, backackes and a severe lack of energy! Why, it takes all my concentration just to type this far....
Of course, when I take something like Theraflu (the generic brand of course) then I am completely useless. Reading takes effort. Answering homework takes more effort. Well, just thinking takes effort!
I got this sickness from the friendly neighborhood library--you know, the place were everything is free and people treat it accordingly; where proper hygiene is defenestrated (one of my favorite words--"thrown out the window"); where typing on the free-access internet machine is a risky enterprise. Well, one of these days I'll get DSL and will never use the library computer again!
I'm off to take a nap. Maybe the sickness will go away, my stub'd ub nose will function and it will take me shorter than 30 minutes to write a post!



Anonymous said...

Hey Shawn,

A DC in Denver used to see his patients with nose problems in a vulnerable position. They were on thier back with their eyes closed. He would drop in a few nose drops from an unmarked bottle. On day we took his bottle and sniffed it. Smelled just like the bottle next to it. This guys was putting scope up the nose. Old family remedy. I wouldn't try it!

Richard in Pittsburgh

polymathis said...

Well, I should definately stay away from your friends!!