Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The "Other" Government

I recently recieved a State Legislative Survey from my (I use my loosely) State Representative, Judy Solano . It is a simple folded card with seven questions. The first question states: "Which two of the following issues would you like to see the Legislature make its top priority?" I suppose at one level this is an innocent, if not useful, question. In classical American (as opposed to today's modern or post-modern American) politics, the Representatives were interested in what their constituants had to say, but they were more interested in what was right and wrong.
However, this was a multiple choice question! (how thoughtful):

1. Jobs/economy
2. Education/schools
3. Auto Insurence
4. Taxes
5. Roads
6. Health care
7. Protecting water access
8. Other (please specify)

In reality, this is actually not a questionaire, but an open-ended question. Simply forget about the other choices right now. My Representative is so concerned about my opinion that the strictures and limitations placed upon her office and the governmental powers are completely ignored. They are so power hungry that they are willing to bring any issue as a top priority (just check out the Baseball drug debacle in Congress). My government is no longer concerned about right and wrong; it is not even concerned about pressing issues in general--what they really want you to choose is "other (please specify)"!
So I could choose toys. I think that all children should have toys. They need toys to develop psychologically, physically and emotionally. It gives them eye-hand coordination. It gives them a sense of imagination. These things are indeed necessary for children to grow up. Imagine the stunted emotional growth they aquire when they grow up without toys!
Our government is no longer "by the people". It is not even for the special interest group. It is the Other government. It is open to all ideas, concerns and priorities. "We'll take any issue," they say, "and 'make it our top priority.'"
So, I'll fill it out. And I'll check "other". And I'll write: "Down with the Other Government--please, stay away from other peoples' business, stick with the Constitution.

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