Friday, March 18, 2005

Live & Learn & Lollygagging

Slowly my fog-infested mind pieced the clues together--the Reformed League was not recieving my feed; they reinserted it...nothing. I waited. Still the bigger picture eluded me. Eventually, I decided to change my feed to RSS format through feedburner, but it rejected my feed!
Oh the pain and agony! Feedburner nicely suggested that I try validating my Atom feed. Totally unaware of such an approach to blogging and with a tired and wandering mind, I clicked "OK"
My feed was invalid.
But why?? Bloggin' is supposed to be easy--especially with! "Come, come," I admonished myself, "you have a B.S. in Electrical Engineering--figure it out!" "Stop being so pushy," I replied (then quickly ceased all discussion lest I end my life in a padded cell...).
Well, technology is grand. The validator site actually pointed to an error in my code--isn't that special. It turned out that my posting of Calvin's biography had text inbedded in the wrong part of the code. I use the wysiwyg interface (who wants to read code) and sometimes it acts up. No, really--it had nothin' to do with me! Firefox webbrowser has known issues (well, now I know).
The lesson? Patience. And stop wait'n to fix the problem. I'm still alive and learning.
I still use Firefox.
And I'm still work'n on the lollygagging...


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