Monday, March 14, 2005

Did You Know...

...that : Europe really loves mankind! International war crimes tribunals give a maximum of 25 years for genocide! Life w/out parole is “unthinkable” in Europe-“That’s because the American justice system does not believe in rehabilitation. It is based on 'barbaric vindictiveness (I'm sorry, would that be to vindicate God's justice? What a radical idea!).'" [(p.15, March 18, 2005, The Week) Overseas columnists]

...that: China could get a military boost for cheap! “There’s nothing worse than a pacifist [Europeans] that sells arms” (p.14, qtd. Friedman, NYTimes).

...that: There is a Christian diet! "
The Hallelujah Diet, What Would Jesus Eat" (they even changed some of the recipes to reflect modern science--how thoughtful!)

...that: Americans are smarter! In 2003, 47% of American high schoolers got A averages; 1968, 17% did (Sept. 10, 2004, The Week)

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