Friday, March 11, 2005

Debut downer

My first day blog’n and the servers are wacky! Comments are working intermittently and editing is slow. But the Lord knows what He’s doing!

As a debut it’s a downer, but in God’s scheme it’s perfect timing! In my old charismatic days I might have been tempted to think that God was trying to tell me not to blog—or, if I was particularly proud, I would have surmised that He wanted me to blog but the Devil was trying to stop me. Being Reformed, I chalk it up to patience.

To blog or not to blog—that question is adiophra—it is a thing indifferent and left to our better judgment (Christian liberty WCF XX ). However, patience in God’s timing is not a thing of indifference! Debut downers come and go, but God’s Debut is good and forever.

Soli Deo Gloria (SDG


Anonymous said...

Christian liberty to blog? Definitely not. For blogging is idleness and as mature Christians we are to give up childish things. He He.

Dirk Boersma said...

Blogging is ideleness? What if it makes others think about the world they live in?
OK, granted, bloggers need to watch out that they don't write to stroke their own ego, suppose that others find it interesting, and then whine because nobody is interested...!
Blogging IMHO (in my humble opinion) is just as fulfilling or idle as reading fiction or walking in the park; just don't make it a calling from God. Therefore I like your posting, Shawn, that it would be proud to assume that God was telling you something or the devil was stopping you.