Monday, July 26, 2010

Reformed School Curriculums

Dear friends,

It is hard for Reformed Christians to find an entire school curriculum that offers faithful books in line with the Reformation. Here are the two companies that offer Reformed curriculum for schooling at home or elsewhere, from kindergarten to twelfth grade. They would even be useful to supplement any current schooling methods.

1. Christian Liberty Academy and Press
   Although these are two different websites, they are operated by the same organization. This organization began with a Reformed church in the late 60s (and still associated with that church I believe). The first, the Academy, using the CLASS system, includes a full-curriculum (with alternative textbooks if desired) that is semi-flexible. The family registers with the group and they grade the tests. And includes a parent/teacher planner with scheduled testing and mile markers.

   The Press is not registration oriented. You grade your own tests. And it includes the same materials (such as Louis Berkhof's Manual of Christian Doctrine--a high school systematic theology).  It too includes the full curriculum and planner or you can buy individual books and custom make your approach.

2. Covenant Home also provides an auditing service if you so desire. It can operate as an "umbrella school" to issue diplomas as well. And it offers a flexible approach to different child learning levels. Grade ten includes Calvin's Institutes. Individual books or an entire curriculum per grade level are available. A day-by-day planner also exists. Covenant Home's distinctive approaches are here. It includes a diagonistic testing program to help tailor the curriculum.

You can request a catalog from either company. Prices vary from 150$ a grade/curriculum to 670$

Naturally, I have not read every book offered. Nor am I familiar with all of them. I do not know if the history and bible books include pictures of Christ. And, ironically, I did notice that there is no systematic catechizing in the lower grades. The Westminster Confession of Faith is not covered at all. Even so, these offers are a great start or finish for your family.

It will take some time to look into these, but I think it worth the effort.

yours in Christ,

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Anonymous said...

Veritas Press has great curriculum to offer, they do have some catechism resources as well.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Thank you. I'll be looking into this material.

Have you (or anyone out there) used any material to home teach using the Trivium approach? Maybe you have some places you can point me to look further into material we can use to incorporate the Trivium into our schooling.


polymathis said...

Sorry. My child is 3 and I have not begun the process. Check out for more tho':