Friday, March 26, 2010

FV Friday: Discerning Federal Vision's Roman Catholic Tendencies

My friend and fellow minster, Wes White, has had providential opportunity to investigate Federal Vision first hand. And he has given me permission to reprint his postings.

Here is the first post--a personal post:

Discerning Federal Vision's Roman Catholic Tendencies When They Hit You in the Face like a 2X4

Back in the 1990's, I went down to Monroe, Louisiana because I was "courting" a girl there. I really enjoyed my time down there. I stayed at the Wilkins' home, and they were very gracious hosts. I was thinking of doing seminary at the Dabney Center there in Louisiana. I got to know some of the people. I also visited Auburn Avenue's sister Church, Knox PCA in Ruston, Louisiana (about a half an hour away). I remember sitting in the Church talking to their Pastor, Jeffrey Steel. These Churches were closely aligned. It seemed to me that Steel was the right hand man of Steve Wilkins in the Louisiana Presbytery.

Well, things didn't work out with the girl down there. So, I didn't end up moving down there. The next year, though, I met a wonderful woman in Grand Rapids where I lived, and we got married. I decided to go to one of the closest Reformed seminaries, Mid-America Reformed Seminary. I was firmly in the FV camp when I went to Mid-America. I was even on the Biblical Horizons list, per the suggestion of John Barach. I began to realize that the Reformed Church was not the place for me. I started seriously considering the Reformed Episcopal Church. At some point, I actually called Jeffrey Steel to ask him about the Episcoapl Church because he had some connection to it, which I cannot remember.

Well, I found out today the sad news that Jeffrey Steel has joined the Roman Catholic Church. I found the report on a site by Kevin Branson. Branson was a former member of Auburn Avenue who became Roman Catholic. He linked to Steel's page where Steel gives some information. I'm reproducing Branson's report here because it is so telling: [continued here]

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