Monday, December 21, 2009

Some Thoughts About Christmas

Over the last few years I have posted some observations about the devolution of Christmas. Here is a collection of those articles. I hope they are edifying and thoughtful.

1. The Other Side of Christmas: "...Like watching a play without a background and underlying plot, many unbelievers observe the nativity with a vague sense of something missing. "What's the big deal?" they ask..."

2. Regeneration "Christmas" Style: "TV shows can be easy blog fodder. But why? The simple reason resides in the fact that many shows manifest the cultural icons and beliefs of the populace at large--the religion of society...."

3. Slaves to Christmas: "Accidentally going out for lunch today, I realized it was Black Friday as everyone and their mother (except my mother) trampled passed me for the best deals..."

4. Yes, Virginia, There is a Satan: "A Macy's commercial recently promoted the same tripe Americans have heard since the New York Sun published a lie to a little 8-year-old..."

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