Tuesday, August 04, 2009

America Uncovered

On the Today Show this morning the hosts interviewed two next generation Americans: a photographer who snapshots publicly naked women and a woman who likes to be exposed.

Apparently, the photographer asked women to take their tops off while he took snapshots of them in public locales. The women he picked off the street claimed to feel "liberated" and "free".

Christianity teaches that nakedness has at least a two-fold significance: intimacy and sin. Intimacy is within the context of marriage and pictures our closeness with Christ (Eph. 5:29-32). With these women running around naked amongst strangers, it is safe to say it was not an intimate moment. Rather, it was a wanton display of sin.

Our physical nakedness mirrors our spiritual nakedness. Blushing is an inbred reflex of that fact. And it is rooted in our depraved natures. Our consciences know we sin and we excuse or accuse each other accordingly (Rom. 2:15).

And the excuse these people used was "liberation". It felt wonderful to disregard what they know to be wrong. It felt "free" to vaunt their pride publicly. Public nakedness is but spiritual nakedness without shame.

This is nothing new. Our advertisements, movies and books have been filled with people baring themselves for a few decades; this is only the next logical step.

And it is only a symptom. America's true nakedness is her naked disregard for God's Law. And her insistence that she can disrobe herself before God's tribunal without fear of retribution. She has forgotten the God of her youth and seeks out other gods to satisfy her lusts. America is not ashamed of her willful sin against the Most High, basking bare before her Judge without the righteous robe of Christ Jesus to cover her.

May God strengthen his church in America to stand against such spiritual pride. May the church preach the Law to expose America's self-righteousness.

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