Sunday, May 24, 2009

Year of Calvinism: Famous Calvinists in America

The past that many conservative Christians pine for never existed.

There was never a Christian America as many understand it.

It was a Calvinist America.

50-80% of American churches were Calvinistic in 1780. And that was after their peak influence. The New England Puritans, New York Dutch, Pennsylvania German and Southern Huguenots were all confessional Calvinists.

That would strongly imply a large base for political leadership; that many of the local and state-level men were or were raised Calvinists.

But more to the point of this short series: a number of well-known Americans were Calvinists.

Can you guess who they were?
Can you accept the implications for today of such historical truths?

Read on!

1. America's Teacher
2. America's First Judge
3. America's Famous Preachers
4. America's First Black Preacher

[More to follow...]

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