Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stossel is my hero

After Barbara Walters left 20/20, the show's objectivity skyrocketed. Last night's show, Stossel's Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics, is proof of that.

In a succinct, witty yet hard-hitting manner, Stossel exposed the political nakedness of today's emperors. There is a type of messiah-complex amongst the leaders and followers of the primary presidential runners that Stossel mocks. Campaign finance reform is a joke--creating a layer of forms and instructions 1.5 football-field-lengths long that the average citizen fails to complete. Private housing recovery with the help of Hollywood stars have quickly repaired the infamous 9th district of New Orleans while the government-promised billions have yet to make a significant impact. Rich farmers grow more money with government subsidies while the poor farmers work hard without help. And the coup de grace: it was the government pressuring Americans to take and banks to give out high-risk loans that precipitated the current financial mess.

Although Stossel appears strongly to be a libertarian, most of his economical and social programs on TV bring out an amazing amount of facts conveniently left out by the mainstream media. His interviews actually ask hard questions, stumping politicians (who tend to repeat themselves) and bureaucrats alike.

Compared to most interviewers and news-shows, Stossel is doing America a great service. And for that I salute him.


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sarah m. said...

Curious, I clicked on the link and watched some of the videos. Great stuff-loved the part where all 3 of the officials working on campaign finance reform refused to fill out their own forms. V. funny, and most informative. :D