Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Wrong Reasons to Learn

"When Festus expressed the opinion to the apostle Paul, ''Your great learning is driving you crazy,'' he may have been echoing a sentiment common to men of his time. So far as I know, however, there is neither biblical nor scientific warrant for the theory that excessive learning may lead to insanity. However, ample proof readily could be supplied to support the idea that much learning often leads to dullness, unbelief, abstractness, triviality, irrelevance, and arrogance. That it inevitably does so is false, but that intellectuals are tempted by one or more of these tendencies is certain..."

(read the rest: Learning, Dr. Jay Adams)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Debt & Spending Today

Alan Sloan of Fortune was interviewed by Charlie Rose.
He pointed out one of the major factors to the current questionable economy: debt.

Trillions of dollars. Both individually and collectively.

This problem is especially acute in the housing market with lenders greed outpacing their discretion. The same is true for the debtors.

Now the government is suggesting something that has been taught in Christian circles for centuries: save!

Sloan thinks that now the market is making us do what we should have already done: Spend less; save more; spend wisely.

God's providence can be rough. People ought to repent of their reckless spending.

Further, the lack of tithing demonstrates a lack of trust. Simply on a practical level tithing forces a family to live within 90% of their income. Adding the admonitions to save money for a rainy day and for our children and children's children cuts into that number. But if we live for today, we will financially die tomorrow.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Funny Bumper-Stickers

What a World We Live In

Fine Tax

Postmodern Reality


Little Close to home

Every logician's dream

Read this one twice:

Post 911 advise

And last of all....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Global Cooling

Check out Time magazine:

"The discoveries of changes in the sun's heat ( TIME, May 5) and the southward advance of glaciers in recent years have given rise to conjectures of the possible advent of a new ice age."

Carefully check out the New York Times links.

Ice Age Predicted
Major Cooling

......notice anything?

If the chronological factor is curious, then you are on to something.

A 2006 online article lays out the time line for the "science" of climatology. It's quite informative...tell your friends.

They don't even have to read it; they can just look at the pretty pictures and time-lines.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Who is McCain?

Here are some helpful websites to make an informed decision:

McCain's current site

Better layout than the Post.

Washington Post
(look further at the bottom for links to more relevant info)

I couldn't find his position on same-sex marriage quickly on the previous sites; so I googled. And here it is at CNN (best layout).

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood polymathis.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Celebrating our nation's birth with some historical facts that make my Presbyterian heart flutter:

“On the morning of our national birth day, the fourth of July, 1776, when the Declaration of American Independence was made—when the Committee, previously appointed to draft that instrument, made their report through their Chairman, THOMAS JEFFERSON—and by whom it was read, the House paused—hesitated. That instrument, they saw, cut them off even from the mercy of Great Britain. They saw with prophetic vision all the horrors of a sanguinary war— carnage and desolation passed in swift review before them. They saw the prospect of having riveted still more closely upon their already chafed and bleeding limbs the chains of slavery. The House seemed to waver—silence, deep and solemn silence, reigned throughout the hall of the spacious Capitol. Every countenance indicated that deep meditation was at work; and the solemn resolutions were calling for double energy. At this fearful crisis, when the very destiny of the country seemed to be suspended upon the action of a moment, the silence, the painful silence was broken. An aged patriarch arose—a venerable and stately form, his head white with the frosts of many years. He cast on the assembly a look of inexpressible interest and unconquerable determination; while on his visage the hue of age was lost as burning patriotism fired his check. 'There is,' said he, 'a tide in the affairs of men, a nick of time. We perceive it now before us. That noble instrument upon your table, which ensures immortality to its author, should be subscribed this very morning, by every pen in the house. He who will not respond to...curry into effect its provisions, is unworthy the name of a freeman. Although these gray hairs must descend into the sepulchre, I would infinitely rather they should descend thither by the hand of the public executioner, than desert at this crisis the sacred cause of my country.' The patriarch sat down, and forthwith the Declaration was signed by every member present.

Who was that venerable patriarch? It was JOHN Witherspoon, of New Jersey, a distinguished Minister of the Presbyterian Church, a lineal descendant of JOHN KNOX, the great Scotch Reformer."

Memoirs of...Alexander Graydon, "Speech of the Rev. S. S. Templeton” (fn.on p. 307)


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Piglet Fears Mud

God has as sense of irony. After all, He made this piglet.

The technical term for fear of mud is mysophobia.

A mysophobic piglet!

What would the family do? We'll you can see the results. With the proper equipment, the piglet is happy!

Com'on, ain't she cute?