Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mathis Manor 4: More, More & More Pix

Yes, I have more pix finally! Family and friends want to see it (if they've not been able to visit). If I could do a virtual tour I would. But that would take too much work.

The outside of the house looks nicer with landscaping! (I need to take a pic in the morning light, but you can see the nice looking conifer on the right.)

The inside looks better now with furniture.

We have our old dining room table, even if we don't have a couch yet...

The piano room is seen on the right.

The homebuilder warranty service has been good. I'm impressed with their professionalism, especially our contact man.
He's a very patient man.

But they can't seem to do anything about those killer rabbits eating our bushes...

But that is a problem I can live with!

All I can say is: Thank you Lord.


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Nel said...

Awww, but the widdle bunny wabbit is so cute! :D