Friday, July 07, 2006

Homeless in Denver

Well, to be more precise we sold our old house but our new house is not finished yet. So, we are between houses. We are living in a rental. To be homeless in the traditional sense would be bad by today's standards.

It was all quite hectic. Packing. Boxing. Rearranging. Moving. I have not done that in a while. My wife has only done it twice before in her life! You can imagine the stress.

On the other hand, I had moved 12 times before I was 18. This is my (I think) 23rd move in my short 34 year existence. I guess I'm slowing down. But I like it.

However, what it means is that I will not have a stable blogging time. I know once a week should not be hard, but it is! (Then there are the more hyper guys like White Noise--whom I finally met in person at the OPC GA. He looks just like his profile).

Of course, living in a rental after 8 years of domicile bliss can easily turn into frustration. So, I must--as always--turn to the Word to remind me that my treasures are in heaven, that this world is fleeting. The book of Hebrews reminds me that, just as my spiritual forefathers of the OT, I am a pilgrim in this world. Heaven is my home.

So, even when our new house is completed my family will still be homeless. And that is a good thing.


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H. C. said...

Best advice I ever got about temporary housing--put up a couple of pictures knick knacks. The less it feels like temporary housing, the more domestic tranquility. Something about bare walls and marital spats...seriously. Given the nature of your housing, such may be tricky--but find a way.

And for the record, you got my URL wrong--White Noise is here. But hey, your homeless...just good to see you able to type. I just gotta make sure your legions of readers know how to find me :)