Monday, July 24, 2006

Cingular-ly Confused

That's right. I've never had a cell phone.
Why should I ever had one? It would mean talking more and doing less. But I digress.

I finally did buy one after much consernation and confusion. Should I buy a monthly plan or pre-paid? Should I go for many hours or less? A fancy phone or a simple one? Special weekend minutes or nightly minutes? Which company? Cingular? Jump Mobile? T-Mobile? Verizon? Sprint? Virginmobile? Net10? ??!!?!

So many choices!! I was truly confused.

I finally realized that the cell phone is a tool and not a toy (but it could be). So, what did I truly (and not in my own depraved imagination) needed it for?

For starters, being between homes, I had no phone! I also plan on getting a land-line at my new house. So, I need something temporary (maybe) and on the side (after my main land-line usage). Thus, contrary to all my friends protestations ("hey, you pay how much?!?!") I got a pre-paid/pay-as-you-go phone.

Here it is:

Well, almost, mine has the white face. But, as my wife would say, its a "cute" phone (very small).

It is attached to Net10. Which means 10 cents a minute, anytime, anywhere, no roaming and easy refill. I got 300 minutes with it over a 60 day period.

Yes, you'll go through the roof and say "you could've got X, for Y cents a minute!" But you have to understand the function of the phone for me. I rarely used my land line as it was (except for the internet!). So, why buy more than I'll ever use.

Besides it's less confusing then figuring out if its 7pm for evening rates or if I'm roaming. I don't like confusion. Our technology helps too much in that direction as it is.

I'm happy for now...just don't talk to me on my cell for too long. I have to pay 10 cents a minute.


dig said...

are you stil happy with you phone situation? are ther caveats to net10?
I am considering getting a net10 plan; and I am looking for opinions.

polymathis said...

i've had it thus far with no problems at all. Read the directions carefully and realize it may take up to 20 hours for the phone to properly initialize (took me that long probably 'cause i started in late Saturday).

Remember: this is x number of minutes for x number of months. Currently the phones are coming with 300 minutes for 60 days. I'm at 264 minutes since I bought it. Gets good reception (this model). If you are going to use this phone with less than 300 minutes a month its a good deal (30$); otherwise go with T-Mobile's 30$/300 minutes/month (free weekends).

dig said...