Tuesday, June 27, 2006

OPC GA: Summary of God's Work

We at the OPC are indeed greatly blessed by our covenant God. This is seen not only at the local and regional levels of the church but also at the larger General Assembly level:

He has given us dynamic Christian education opportunities not only on the internet but in translation as well: there is desire from out of country to translate some GCP material into Greek, Spanish and Portuguese.

He has given us more churches as people seek out the OPC, even from various ethnic groups such as Indonesians. Already, a first in our history, we have about 15 church works with four more in the wings. In fact, a Columbia presbytery wishes to join us!

He has given us great opportunities overseas in Asia, Africa and Europe. We are over the whole world spreading the Gospel and creating indigenous churches.

God is good and great, deigning to bring blessing upon our feeble church.

Praise God!


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