Saturday, January 01, 2005

Book Reviews: Short & Sweet

[FYI: Sorry, January does not exist as a posting month but as a backfill for long articles and the like]

Below is a list of (short) book reviews I wrote to encourage others to read good literature. Our society does not encourage reading, nor independent (and godly dependent) thought. Here is my small way of trying to entrap Christians into thought-provoking and thoughtful books enforcing Biblical truth.

(This list will be added to as reviews keep coming in.)

1. Where in the World Is the Church?, Micheal Horton.
2. Maintaining the Delicate Christian Balance, Jay Adams.
3. The Mystery of Godliness, John Calvin.
4. The Art of Prophesying, William Perkins.
5. The Bible Tells Us So, R. B. Kuiper.


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